The current contributors to this project are all based in New Zealand. The research team members are made up of universities, research and consulting companies and individuals with extensive social and cultural consultation experience. In addition to the project team, a steering committee has been formed to oversee the project and ensure that the research team meet the projects specific aims and objectives. The steering committee contains representation from governmental and non-governmental organisations.



ed profileEd’s core background is in coastal processes and oceanography, specialising in coastal sediment dynamics, hydrodynamics, wave climate, surf science, multipurpose reefs, and numerical modelling. Ed has been involved with surf science since 2005 and uses his understanding of nearshore and wave breaking processes in investigations that address wave breaking quality changes. As one of the Directors of eCoast Marine Consulting and Research, Ed works closely with the Surfbreak Protection Society in New Zealand, by providing technical advice regarding preservation of marine resources.

Ed completed his Master’s degree at The University of Southampton’s National Oceanography Centre, his master’s thesis studied wave breaking characteristics at Boscombe, UK. Currently, Ed is a Phd Candidate at the University of Waikato undertaking a study concerning the relationship between sediment dynamics around an ebb tidal delta and surfing wave quality. View full bio


KarinKarin is an Associate Professor at the University of Waikato with expertise in surf-zone research; coastal erosion; video-monitoring of beaches, estuarine hydrodynamics and sedimentation; biological-physical interactions in marine systems; and coastal storm hazards.

Karin’s doctorate examined the effect of complex beach topography on low frequency waves. Karin worked as a coastal scientist at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) before taking a role at the university. Karin is one of the world’s leading experts in the use of video technology to measure morphological change and wave properties on beaches. View full bio



TerryTerry has almost 40 years of experience in studying coastal and inner shelf processes, marine geology/coastal geomorphology, sedimentation in harbours and estuaries, coastal hazards and climate change impacts, coastal and estuarine classification systems, and tidal inlet processes.

Terry has played a major role in terms of the coastal science undertaken across New Zealand with his previous appointments as Principal Scientist Coastal Geomorphology and late National Projects Manager of the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA). Presently, Terry is the Director of Hume Consulting Ltd. View full bio



ShawShaw’s background is in coastal oceanography and marine ecology, specialising in hydrodynamic and sediment transport numerical modelling, coastal processes, beach management, coastal hazards and sea level rise, off – shore submerged reefs, coastal protection and amenity enhancement, and ecological assessment.

His PhD thesis in physical oceanography is based on a series of peer-reviewed papers that together with more than 30 popular articles, have presented novel techniques to record the shape of surfing reefs, specify the breaking tube condition and to breakdown surfing reefs into their morphological components using numerical modelling. Shaw has worked as an environmental consultant for over 20 years in New Zealand and worldwide, and along with his research background, he is considered the world’s leading surf science expert. View full bio



JordanJordan Waiti is a PhD graduate from Massey University. He has extensive research experience in Māori Public Health and Exercise Psychology, and has worked alongside a number of Māori communities. He has been a visiting scholar at the University of Hawai’i School of Medicine, and a researcher at the Eru Pomare Māori Health Research Centre (Dept. of Public Health, University of Otago). At present, he contracts to a variety of Māori health and development organisations. View full bio




In addition to the project team, a steering committee has been formed to oversee the project and ensure that the research team meet the projects specific aims and objectives. The steering committee contains representation from:

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